Sunday, 16 January 2011

So Much Younger Then: Tyrone's 1981

Here it is, as promised! Megaupload started behaving again, and so I was able to upload So Much Younger Then, a very early R.E.M. bootleg. This show was recorded on April 10th 1981 at Tyrone's in Athens, Georgia, and although this is only part of the set the quality is superb. You'll hear songs you've never heard before - tracks such as Action, Narrator and Mystery to Me were never released (however they were recorded at the Wuxtry sessions in Atlanta, which I'll get round to posting) but are still awesome.

Bootleg Details:
01 - Body Count
02 - A Different Girl
03 - Narrator
05 - She's Such a Pretty Girl
06 - Baby I
07 - Permanent Vacation (released on Perfect Square DVD in 2003)
08 - Wait (also with Michael's sisters Lynda and Cindy Stipe)
09 - Scheherezade
10 - Liza Sez
11 - Mystery to Me
12 - I Don't Want You Any More (released on Dead Letter Office and also in 2001, as All the Right Friends)
13 - Little Girl
14 - Dangerous Times

Quality: A+
Rating: ◊◊◊◊◊ - A recording that captures R.E.M. at its finest pre-Chronic Town. A must-have for those who want to hear early recordings of the band.


The full tape for this soundboard can be found here, but it's of poor quality and is a whopping 70 minutes long. Next time, I'll be uploading Cologne 2001, another A+ quality show. I also have some good news - MTV Unplugged 1991 is staying up! So you can all download it to your hearts' content until the link expires (should that happen, please leave a comment). Have a great time, everyone!

Yours truly,

EDIT 22/01/11: The link has been updated to a non-password archive. If you were having trouble before, that should be fixed now. Thanks to Carlos for informing me on this problem.


  1. sorry but the password dont work =/

    Carlos. from Perú

  2. Hmm, that's odd - perhaps I did something wrong when I was compressing the file.

    Don't worry, that will be remedied. Thanks for notifying me!

    Yours truly,

  3. Carlos,

    I had a look at the zipped file I uploaded, and the password works for me. Are you sure you're typing it in correctly?

    If anyone else could download the file and check, I'd be very thankful. Post here if you try it.

  4. Yep, that's the one. Strange how it's not working...

    I've updated the link on the post to a re-uploaded file without a password needed to open it. I'd like to apologise for all the hassle I've caused - this'll be the last time I try using password protection, that's for sure!

    Download the new file and see if that one works for you. Really sorry, Carlos!

  5. Any chance for a mega Lazerus for this?