Monday, 24 January 2011

Quickie: "Überlin" lyric video

Hey... that's pretty inventive.

Only got time for a quickie right now, but here's some interesting news in the form of a lyric video, for R.E.M.'s newest song Überlin. What separates this one from the others is its format - this time the video depicts a railway map similar to the Ü-Bahn (at least, I think it does), Berlin's underground subway. Also included in the release are producer Jacknife Lee's thoughts and opinions on the song.

To see the video, click here.

While I've yet to review Überlin, I did manage to hear it a couple of days early thanks to a leak from I think it's safe to say that this new song is going to be a major hit among fans... it's my favourite so far along with It Happened Today, in my book at least! I find it hard to describe just what makes this track so special - perhaps I'll know by the time I properly review it - but suffice to say, whatever it has, it flaunts it.

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