Wednesday, 19 January 2011

"Mine Smell Like Honey" Release (+ Apologies)

Hi all, I'd like to start by offering an apology. It's prelim time in my school at the moment - for those of you who don't have the same education system as the UK, it's basically a mock exam. While it may not seem that important, should I miss the final exam (due to ill health etc.), the prelim marks are counted instead. So it's quite vital I do well in them.

Therefore, I'm afraid I won't be posting as often as I'd like to. I'll update fairly regularly - say, once every few days - but it won't be one post a day, as I've been accustomed to doing recently. The prelims are at the beginning of February, but there's still lots of revision to be done on my part! :)

Don't worry though - my dedication to this blog hasn't waned in the slightest, and during prelim time I'll be posting bootlegs, seeing as I can upload them whilst I revise. Mine Smell Like Honey has been released as of yesterday, and the reception amongst fans has generally been okay. Can't say all of us hardcore fans are in favour of it though, as one can see in the comments on Ivana's blog.

Despite the single's release, however, the song is still not available to buy on the iTunes store, and It Happened Today is so far the only song that can actually be bought on its own. I find it rather odd. Being a single, shouldn't it be possible to buy the song, you know... singly? Furthermore, there has been not mention of any B-sides, which implies that there are none.

I guess you can tell I'm researching this as I write! I've found myself on the American iTunes store, where Mine Smell Like Honey can be bought for $1.29. My advice - hang on to your money, and wait for the album. It may be a decent song, but Mine Smell Like Honey is not worth $1.29 in my opinion.

Later on this week (possibly the weekend) I'll be doing a feature, the topic of which will remain a mystery until then, just because I enjoy the ambiguity. :)  Also, as I promised Kirsten, I'll be uploading the Cologne 2001 show R.E.M. played, filled to the brim with great tracks such as At My Most Beautiful, Cuyahoga, The Great Beyond, and of course all the staple songs and hits. Heidigretel's Youtube page has a great recording of Mike Mills playing Superman during the soundcheck, the audio of which will be in the bootleg as a bonus track. Until then, here's her video:

Here's something fun to try - wait till the video has loaded, and then press '4' continually on your keyboard. That'll keep you busy until my next post, I hope!

Yours truly,

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