Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bloomin' 'eck! (Exams)

Well, this may be the only post until the weekend, and they may be pretty sparse after that. It is now with great regret that I'll have to get cracking with exams, and thus my attention towards the blog's upkeep is going to waver a little. As of now, I can only make posts a maximum of twice a week - come March, I will be able to resume blogging on a regular basis.

I had two exams today - History and Music performing on the violin. I passed the latter (overheard the teachers :)  ), but I won't get the History marks back until a long while later. Tomorrow it's a massive English exam, and then Maths... and then I might be able to post!

So, that's my summary for the week. I'll try to compensate by putting a bootleg up on Friday. Next up - the Stipe/Buck ultra-rare McCabe's Guitar Shop gig, 1987!

Yours truly (albeit harrassedly),

UPDATE: Why do I always miss these? R.E.M. HQ has made It Happened Today available to download as a multitrack! This is even better news than I had hoped - now I can add that to my collection, along with Orange Crush!

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